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HADOOP, DATA science

Transform data into a measurable competitive advantage

Timely data is crucial to businesses in the Big Data age. Identh Consolidated is one of the finest Hadoop and Big data Service Providers. We are actively assisting our clients to figure out their big data strategy in the best way possible.

Using our business domain expertise, we assist clients in integrating Big Data into their overall IT roadmap.

Big Data Services

  • Big Data Development Maintenance & Support
  • Data Integration and Management
  • Cloudera Services
  • Data Integration and Management
  • Big Data Analytics & Insights Services
  • Hadoop configuration management, deployment, upgrades, and data set management
  • Hadoop monitoring, Hadoop Metrics, Cloudera Manager, and CloudWatch (AWS)
Hadoop Data Science

Domain Expertise

Our expertise in Hadoop & Big Data technology implementation allows companies to focus on revenue maximization as well as improving operational efficiencies. At Identh Consolidated, we help companies to make better business decisions.

Hadoop Data Science