Machine Learning


Ride the crest of Machine Learning wave

The future is looking good for machine learning. As data becomes cheaper and processing power gets even better. Identh Consolidated is a Machine Learning Consulting firm experienced in applying AI and Machine Learning to business problems.

Machine Learning Offerings

  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Business Process Automation
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Data Mining & Data Modeling
  • Algorithm Design
  • Anomaly Detection
Machine Learning

Our Process of Work?

Work process

Analyze the ML/DL needs and requirements of your enterprise

Work process

Provide skilled resources to determine the ML/DL models

Work process

Integrate and design solutions around online ML services

Why Start a Machine Learning Project with us

- Over a decade of experience with startups to established companies has given us the proficiency to offer AI and ML strategy, design, engineering solutions and R&D services.

- Expert developers and machine learning experts will advise on the best deployment scenario and implement it reliably.

- Our machine learning solutions enable businesses to cut down costs, save time, automate operations and enhance efficiency.

Top machine learning platforms we use

  • Azure Machine Learning Studio
  • Amazon Machine Learning
  • Google Machine Learning