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ERP Solutions

  • Successfully Implemented Big Data Solutions for Healthcare Providers
  • Automatic Answer Checker -An Amazing AI Application Developed by Identh
  • Identh Consolidated have outlined a Trusted Cloud Computing Platform to solve storage and processing anomalies related to cloud networks

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Project

  • Overview

    The main function of Contact Engine is to sync the existing database (which already client has) with the Microsoft Dynamic 365 via Azure or direct plugins in Dynamics. On later phases, those syncing will be applied not only with Dynamic 365 but also with PEGA, Salesforce, Oracle etc.

  • Business Flow

    When Customer or Work Order record Created/Updated in MS-CRM same record gets Created/Updated in Contact Engine.

  • User Security Model

    Provides privileges to all users in both systems to achieve security level hierarchy at units.

  • Azure Service Bus

    • It’s reliable and secure data transfer asynchronously.
    • Messages can be in XML, JSON or text format.
    • Service bus supports standard http/rest protocols.
    • Service bus supports standard http/rest protocols.
    • For authentication purpose, we need to create a service account for CE and provide permission in azure ad. So that CE can consume the service bus url.
    • Which is SAS token. (shared access signature).
    • This SAS token can be passed to CE for authenticate.
    • Also, service bus provides SDK for this authenticating.

Mobile Apps